Dear Future Students,

As Chief Officer of Miami Health & Science, I welcome you to Miami Health & Science! Whether you are an applicant, a prospective student researching your program as an option, a returning student, or a graduate, I hope that website will provide you with valuable information about our college. Miami Health & Science was founded in 2019 with the mission of preparing professionals to fulfill key positions in the job market. Here at Miami Health & Science we are dedicated to prepare you with education and skills required to be safe and effective as you enter in the Nursing Field.

Miami Health & Science has some unique characteristics that help students achieve success.

  • Our Nursing Programs helps prepare you for the Nursing Industry and to pass the licensure examinations through the Board of Nursing.

  • Credentialed and qualified faculty who are dedicated and caring and put their students’ success above everything else

  • Career placement assistance provided to enrolled students which including getting part-time jobs in or outside the college during the program of study

  • Free tutoring at your convenience, face-to-face and online, if needed

  • A remedial course system of student support services that ensure academic success and stay of focus.

Miami Health & Science programs and component courses are constantly reviewed and upgraded to fulfill the demands of the job market. Graduates of the programs can return to Miami Health & Science to update their skills if necessary free of charge.

Education is an investment which enhances the live of oneself, their families, and the communities around you. Be that guiding light that shines so bright that the world can see. Together we can achieve your goals and set an example for the generations to come.

Good luck!