History/ Mission Statement

Miami Health & Science Institute was established in 2019 in Florida to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, and trained students, due to a dire demand in the community for individuals in the various medical fields. Miami Health & Science Institute school was established to offer training through Degree Granting Professional Nursing Programs to meet the demands of the industry and the
workforce community in general, The Institute has been licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) since 2021and is approved through the Florida Board of Nursing.

 Mission Statement
Miami Health & Science is committed to providing affordable vocational, high quality training for health care workers in the FL area and beyond, by developing in our students the knowledge, hands on skills and professionalism required in today’s workforce. It is our belief that this commitment to excellence will empower our students with the fundamental skills necessary to either gain
entry level employment in the nursing field or allow them the opportunity to advance in their current career.

Statement of Purpose
Here is just some of how Miami Health & Science Institute fulfills its commitment to the students
• Miami Health & Science Institute prepares students for lifelong learning, pursuing leadership roles in the Nursing Profession.
• Miami Health & Science Institute provides students with academic advising and individual counseling to
assist them evaluate their potential to achieve further educational and career
development goals.
• Miami Health & Science Institute designs and develops educational programs based on current theory and practice


Miami Health & Science prides itself on the following values: Quality, Simplicity, Affordability, Inclusiveness and Excellence!

Our Goals Institutional Quality – Miami Health & Science focuses on continuously enhancing institutional quality by focusing on quality assurance projects, program development, and instructional development and results management.

Academic Excellence – Miami Health & Science achieves academic excellence by providing intensive educational programs designed to facilitate learning and focuses on developing student’s capacity to learn and retain information.

Collaborative Relationships – Miami Health & Science meets community and learner needs by fostering collaborative relationships with healthcare facilities and other education providers. Collaborative relationships serve to secure investment in the educational process and address the current and evolving needs of healthcare providers.